What Makes Life in Canada Different From Other Places?

Life in Canada

If you have ever lived in more than one location in your life, you may be aware that there are some big differences between everyday life in one city or town compared to another. Or maybe you’ve even lived in different states and have noticed things such as people’s accents, different stores, and the more obvious different climates. Let’s take a look at some of the things that make Canada different from any other place.

Free Healthcare

If you are moving to Canada from another country then the differences may be huge. There are adjustments to half the population speaking French, their crazy colorful currency, and how polite they are. These are some of the basics and not necessarily a big adjustment. 


If you do decide to make your way to the big city condos of Vancouver or the mountain homes for sale in Whistler, you will most certainly be benefiting from free universal healthcare. This is one of the greatest benefits of living in Canada. Additionally, there is longer and better-paid maternity leave for new moms. 


In the U.S., the average rate of an emergency room visit is increasingly concerning to average Americans. Some people fear the price of healthcare and that deters them from taking care of themselves. The encompassing healthcare program is beneficial enough to add on 3 additional years of life. Canadian’s live on average 3 more years than Americans do.


Bleed Hockey

Hockey is a pretty popular sport around the world, but its true home is in Canada. Even though hockey on skates was played in Europe around the same time, the International Ice Hockey Federation declared that the first-ever organized hockey game was played in Montreal in 1875. 


And although it was not technically founded in Canada, Canadian hockey specifically has shaped what we know present-day hockey to be. Hockey is the official national sport of Canada and is popular amongst all genders and ages.


Hockey is an integral part of Canadian identity and culture, so expect to love the sport. Even if you don’t love it now, you should probably look into loving it for your Canadian future. One of the best ways of getting to know it better is to give it a try. 

Stellar Education

In Canada the education of its citizens is very important to the overall Canadian way. Pre Kindergarten is an option in every province, with mandates in New Brunswick and Nova Scotia. It has been shown that earlier education plays an integral role in educational development in children. 


Canada holds the title of the most women college graduates of any nation. Secondary education in Canada at a community college is a lot cheaper than in the United States. Unfortunately, no college will ever be free unless you have a full scholarship.


In Quebec, you can potentially gain vital skills for your career before 12th grade. Cegep is a program that is offered to students in 11th or 12th grade who can participate in this pre-university program or the technical program.


For the pre-university program you can focus on the courses that are pertinent to your future career path. The technical program is not preparation for university but instead is a technical based education in a field such as nursing, computer science, and architectural engineering.


Education is one of the leading factors in why families move to a certain area. With the Canadian education system, you can be rest assured that your family will benefit from an amazing education program. This is just a short list of the unique living of Canada, you can really find so much more to enjoy. 



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