What Makes Project Managers An Essential Part Of Your Business


Project managers are the messiah of all projects as they plan, monitor, execute, control, and close projects to ensure success. Project managers are so underrated because, according to a study, by 2027, all work will be project-based, and this has fueled the surging numbers of project managers we are currently experiencing.

Project managers view projects beyond budgets, time, and tasks. They view it as something worth more because it equates to the employees’ happiness and the company’s growth.

Why Project Managers Are An Essential Part Of Your Business

Let’s take a step back to discuss the new coke project that Coca-Cola once planned for its consumers. The new coke of 1985 was supposed to displace the regular Coca-Cola drinks we have now, but all consumers rejected it due to poor project management.

The presence of good project managers would have made things easy for the Coca-Cola company by creating a survey rather than producing a new coke without customers’ feedback.

Similarly, Apple Lisa is another example of why project managers will forever be in demand. In 1983, Apple launched their first desktop computer with a mouse called “Lisa” and fixed a $10,000 price tag on it. Final consumers saw the price as outrageous compared to IBM’s computer, so the project failed.

A project manager would have helped them execute the plans by comparing the market price with IBM to make the project a success. The importance of project managers cannot be overemphasized because they oversee all organization’s projects.

Adequate Planning

Planning is the primary reason for project success because strategic planning leads to a successful project, while poor planning leads to project failure, as we have seen with Apple’s Lisa and Coca-Cola’s new coke projects. Project managers know how to define the scope of all projects they handle and also control the available resources.

PMs craft out effective plans and set realistic times for the project completion. Project managers know that projects can be unpredictable at times, so in case of any unforeseen circumstances, they know how to adjust their plans to arrive at their final solution.

They Shortened Response Time

Most businesses have a project manager that helps bridge communication gaps. Project managers serve as a link between employees and clients to shorten response time. This gives clients a satisfactory feeling since they know their project is in good hands.

It is human nature to trust anyone who maintains regular communication, so having a project manager to help relay the project’s progress to the clients and top executives is a major win for your business.

They Keep Learning

As opposed to many myths that there should be no need for a project manager, the number of project managers around the world keeps increasing daily, and this can be confirmed by the project management certification official blog site that there are over 16.5 million official project managers around the world. This shows they keep learning and attending training to earn certificates related to their field.

This is evident in the number of project managers that have attended PMP certification training, which is not an easy task as it requires some years of experience and several executed projects to be able to qualify for examination.

They Bring Leadership

Running a project without a project manager is a false economy. The team will be like a ship without a rudder; they will keep moving but without any significant progress, and that is the highest level of frustration because the team will keep wasting the budget and time of your business.

Project managers bring that leadership vibe to the team so there will be no confusion about who is in charge. They bring vision, motivation, and inspiration to the team so that they can deliver the best.


Project managers are undoubtedly the bedrock of business success. Without them in your business, clients and the team will be unproductive and chaotic project deliverables.

Project managers lead the team to deliver the right project, and the final project facilitates a good return on investment which makes both client and your business happy.

Conclusively, project managers add more value than handling projects to the business. They bring out the best in the project team, which is essential to business growth.

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