Which Education In Pak system do you choose?

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Which Education In Pak system do you choose? The traditional or online education system

The education system changes over time and with the advancement of technology. We now have a variety of education options, such as traditional education, distance education, and online courses. All in all, it will help us to find better jobs along with our education. The traditional education system is the most popular and expensive. Distance education is not very popular because it does not provide the best education system for the students and it is not enough for education. Online courses are becoming more and more popular, cheap and sometimes free.

Ignoring distance learning for this post, we can compare traditional and online learning methods. Students entering the online education system can study from short courses to degree programs, while the traditional education system provides practically every type of education to every classmate. There are online universities, colleges and other institutions that offer online courses, followed by permanent institutions that provide education to both traditional and online students. The choice of education depends on the student. The student can study from any medium and it all depends on the student’s attendance.

Work for a traditional education system.

Traditional education is the oldest and most common way of learning and is a way of learning given to young students. To better understand this, we can look at the advantages and disadvantages of this education system:

Advantages and disadvantages

Interaction between teacher and student. It’s easy to talk to the people sitting in front of you and easy for students to understand.

The most common method of teaching.

There are many options to choose from.

All students, teachers, parents and the government are superior.

With education facilities: restaurants, libraries, sports and other entertainment.


Education is expensive, especially in high quality and educational institutions.

Students have to travel long distances to get to their educational institutions and sometimes have to go elsewhere to get a good education. It will also increase their expenses.

Suitable for full time students.

Very flexible in terms of study time.

Online education system

This is not new but new compared to the traditional education system. There are advantages and disadvantages to this, and it should be considered before choosing an online course:

Advantages and disadvantages

It is usually cheaper than the traditional education system because it minimizes the cost.

A model of interaction between a good but less efficient teacher and student.

The opportunity to study from any internet institute no matter how far away the institute is. This will reduce travel expenses and other expenses.

It’s easier for people during the day.

Online courses are a great alternative for students who want to study online.

Flexibility during the study period.


Students are not allowed to have fun and play, they can have traditional students.

This mode requires an Internet connection and a computer system, either for natural or unnatural reasons, which can seriously affect their knowledge.

Compared to traditional education systems, not everyone is preferred and it is not very effective.

In general, there are many online courses, but there are limitations. You cannot become a practical surgeon or a doctor through education in this education system.

This can be concluded by taking a brief look at the traditional and online education system, making a big comparison and choosing the best education system. Each of these systems has its advantages and disadvantages, and it is different for all types of knowledge seekers.

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