Workplace Injuries Are Covered By WCB. Here’s How To Claim Your Compensation


Your employer must send an Injury Report to WCB within five (5) days of being told you were injured at work.  They can be penalized if they don’t.

Your employer must send the Injury Report even if they don’t believe you or think your injury is work-related. WCB would review everything and decide if you were injured at work and need either physiotherapist or a massage therapist in Calgary.

But if your employer doesn’t send the Injury Report, you can send one yourself.   Download the WCB Injury Report from their website.  Fill in the form as best you can and send it to the WCB.  Even if your employer doesn’t sign the form, this will start the claim process.

If you are wounded on the job, you should take three initial steps: Seek medical care, notify your employer, and submit a Worker’s Initial Report of Injury (W1) form to the WCB. Learn how to make a claim with the WCB and what documents you’ll need.

When Employees Are Partly at Fault for Work-Related Injuries and Illnesses?

Workers’ compensation is a no-fault system from the employee’s perspective. It makes no difference whether employees were negligent when they were wounded. However, there may be exceptions, such as self-inflicted injuries or injuries resulting when employees were intoxicated or high, committing a major crime, or breaking corporate policy.

Even if an employee’s actions led to the development of an illness, workers’ compensation might compensate it if employment circumstances also contributed to the ailment. One instance, a brewery employee alleged that his company related to his alcoholism by providing staff with unlimited free beer during their breaks.

What If a Worker or Healthcare Provider Reports an Injury First?

To get Work-Related Injury (WCB) therapy in Calgary, WCB requires all injured workers and healthcare professionals to report. WCB will contact you if your worker or their health professional informs us of an event that occurred at your business, and we need your help in gathering the facts.

Generally, we will contact you through telephone unless you specify that you wish to be contacted via fax, mail, or over the internet using Online Incident Reporting System.

If you are injured on the job, there are three things you must do immediately:

  1. Get medical attention directly if you need it.

A certified healthcare expert should treat you if your company does not give adequate first aid and arrange transportation.

Request that your doctor files a report with the Workers’ Compensation Board. Physical limits arising from your injuries should be documented and provided to you in writing by your healthcare expert.

  • Report your injury to your employer immediately. Inform your employer immediately – within hours or fewer — of the event.
  • Work together with your employer, health care provider, and the WCB to develop a customized return-to-work plan.
  1. Immediately notify the WCB of your injuries by completing the Worker’s Initial Report of Injury (W1) form.
  • Online: The W1 form is available for completion online.
  • Email: Fill out the W1 form online and send it to When completing a form through email, please follow the instructions below:
  • Complete all blank fields online.
  • To add your signature, print the form.
  • Scanned documents should be sent to

The form will not be approved if it is not printed and scanned before submission.

Save your information as one of the available file attachments and send it to us? Please ensure that the file does not exceed 28MB in size.

  • jpeg
  • pdf (excludes HEIC)
  • docx (Microsoft Word)
  • xlsx (Microsoft Excel)
  • png
  • tiff

By mail: The W1 form is available for download on the IRS website. Once completed in pen, retain a copy for your records.

Send the completed W1 form to the WCB at the following address: Saskatchewan Workers’ Compensation Board 200-1881 Scarth Street Regina, SK S4P 4L1.

By phone: Dial 1.800.787.9288 and a WCB employee will collect your information and finish the form for you.

Additionally, the WCB seeks information regarding your injuries from your employer and the health care provider for your employer.

Every time a person gets injured or becomes sick on the job, the worker and employer are obligated by law to submit a claim. When an injury occurs, it may seem minor at first, but problems may emerge later. Filing a claim establishes a record of the accident or sickness in case more therapy and medical care are required in the future.

Moreover, filing a claim helps foster a culture of workplace health and safety. It enables the WCB to keep track of the many sorts of workplace mishaps and collaborate with companies and employees to avoid future injuries.


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