Writing An Executive Level Resume? These Tips Will Help


A resume or a career vitae is the very first thing that reflects one’s professional character in the work field and it either increases the chance of getting hired or lessens the chance of getting that job. A potential person has more demand in the field of business than a talented person. Theories sound good to read but when it comes to reality, the practical application of it plays a major role in it.

What Does An Executive Resume Mean?

It is an application used for hiring in jobs and is used to find out the capabilities to be appointed as executive-level positions such as for the positions of Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Chief Information Officer (CIO), Chief Financial Officer (CFO), Chief Operating Officer (COO), Chief Marketing Officer (CMO), Executive Director, Vice President. This kind of resume editor shows the person’s effective leadership quality.

Tips For An Executive’s Resume

  1. Creation of a profile statement- The main aim behind the creation of a profile statement is to let your hirer know about you and your executive skills which are important for such an appointment.
  1. Mention your credentials- When you are applying for any executive-level positions in any company or organization, it is very important to let the hiring team know about your past achievement in that field and whether you are worth mentioning achievements and success. It indicates your capability to hold the post.
  1. Inclusion of Keywords- Every organization that is hiring for a specific position or post should include some specific keywords in their advertisement when putting it on any platform so that the job seeker can get the job they want right away. Accordingly, the keyword which is used the most is to be included in the resume, so that it will help the hiring team to select the most interested and capable candidate.
  1. Avoid irrelevant data- Sometimes we find it quite perplexing which information is to be mentioned in a resume and which should not be. Before sending our resume for any job, one needs to remove all irrelevant details from his CV as it may affect the chances of getting hired less. “One must remember that what seems relevant to you, may not be relevant for the other.”
  1. Separate sections to be made- In a resume, there should be separate sections for name, professional profile, work experience, previous responsibilities, educational qualification, other skills, achievements, etc. It will not create confusion in the minds of the hiring team.
  1. Recent experience carries more value- Mentioning work experience is good but only a recent one can help you create a better impression than the old one. You should mention your recent work, recent problems in any field you solved, any key factors learned from any of your recent projects, any deal you cracked for your company recently, and the best result you’ve got is recent.
  1. Showcase your laurels- Along with the deals and projects you were part of, you should also mention the laurels and achievements you received because of it. Achievements will add more golden points to an attractive resume.
  1. No elaborate discussion on education- Details about educational qualifications should be mentioned at the end. It is an absolute truth that the job hirer hardly focuses on the education of the candidate as they are more interested in the current work experience and how practically they are doing good. Skills and work experience holds more value than just educational qualification.
  1. Keep it less or precise- A long elaborated CV or resume seems like a boring essay that no one likes to read but short and crisp details about your previous work experience and skills will make your recruiter bound to go through it. Lengthy resumes and CVs are never appreciated.
  1. Include certifications and publications- While designing a career vitae or resume, one must mention his list of publications where he has gained mastery and received accolades.
  1. Community Involvement- Working single-handedly is hard but working with a group is even harder because it involves compatibility and a spirit of teamwork which most people fail to achieve. It is very much important to reflect your community involvement skill in the resume and to let the hiring team know how effectively you can contribute to the company under a good team spirit and properly managing the people.
  1. An overview of the previous work environment- The person applying for such a position should give a brief description of the role they have performed in their previous work companies or organization.

Should We Go For Free Online Resume Builder And Online Resume Maker?

There are various CV writing services in India available both online and offline. There are various applications available in the play store as well as in google chrome that one can choose for creating their CV or resume. They also create customized cover letters and a detailed resume with the information provided by the user. Free online resume builder application has helped people to save their time as well as it has also made them learn the art of resume making for a job application.

Procedure To Make Resume Online

  • A proper template needs to be picked up for making a CV or resume online;
  • Customized layouts are also available which can be attached to the resume based on the level of experience;
  • Blank space is provided to fill in the information about the candidates. It is to be filled by providing the asked information;
  • Then accordingly download it and go for it.
  • A Resume does give a good impression.
  • A good portfolio will help a person get

Here are some of the valuable tips to create an executive’s resume to get immediately hired for such positions. To do the same, taking assistance from a free online resume maker will help you out.

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