15 Resources When Starting a New Business Venture by William D King


Starting a new business venture can be a very exciting and overwhelming experience. There are so many things to consider, not only about the business itself but also about the finances involved. 

The following resources should provide you with helpful information to get you’re started.

1. How to Start a Business – 

This resource is full of great tips on how to start a business.  It includes information on writing a business plan, the legal aspects of starting a new business, and more.

2. Free Online Business Plan Templates 

This article provides links to several free online business plan templates. These templates are designed for many different types of businesses allowing you to choose one that is most appropriate for your type of new venture.

3. How to Finance Your Startup: 10 Low-Cost Sources of Startup Capital 

According to William D King many new businesses require some form of startup capital in order to get their company off the ground. The article provides information on several sources for obtaining this initial funding and includes links to each source’s website.

4. How to Apply For a Small Business Loan 

This resource will walk you through the process for applying for a small business loan. It covers what types of information you need to provide and how to find a lender.

5. 9 Legal Documents Every Startup Should Have 

This article provides links to legal documents you will need for your business, including articles of incorporation, bylaws, an operating agreement, and more.

6. Basic Accounting for Your Business 

The resource covers the basics of bookkeeping and accounting for your business. It includes an overview of the types of financial statements you should keep, how to keep track of transactions in a cash-based system and an explanation on why depreciation is important for your business records.

7. How to Fundraise For Your Startup 

This resource provides information on several ways to secure funding for your startup company. It includes information on how to approach potential investors, the role of an investor presentation in securing funding, and a link to a sample investor presentation.

8. Free Online Accounting Software 

There are many online accounting software systems available that can be used in place of traditional desktop accounting programs. This resource provides links to several free online accounting tools.

9. Legal Issues When Starting a Business 

The resource covers several legal issues when starting a business including federal and state tax identification numbers, trademarks and patents, contracts, and more.

10. How to Make Profit in Your Startup 

This article provides an overview of the different types of profit you need to be aware of when operating a new company, as well as information on where this profit needs to be tracked in your books.  

11. 7 More Free Online Accounting Tools for Small Businesses  

This article is a follow-up to the previous resource with even more free online accounting tools for small businesses. This new list includes many other options besides just basic bookkeeping tracking such as payroll services and customer relationship management.

12. Free Small Business Software 

This resource provides 10 free tools, including accounting software and project management software that can be used by your business.

13. How to Keep Your Startup Safe from Hackers 

There are many things you need to consider when starting a new business venture, not only the legal issues but also security issues. This article will walk you through some of the things hackers look for when attacking a system along with suggestions on how to keep your company safe.

14. 6 Tips for Starting a Business on A Budget  

Many new companies struggle with maintaining their initial startup costs while still trying to make sure they get off the ground successfully. The article provides several ideas on how to save money when starting your company.

15. Understanding Profit And Loss Statements for Your Business 

How do you know if you company is making a profit? This resource provides an explanation of the different types of profit and loss statements and how to read them in order to make business decisions.

Conclusion by William D King:  

These resources cover a wide-range of topics including legal considerations, financial issues, and even security in your startup. With so many resources to help guide you in getting started there is no reason why you can’t get up and running with your company.

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